We aspire to regenerate life in community.


Regeneration represents a truly fascinating phenomenon of creation.  Regeneration happens when an organism grows new, living tissue after damage or loss.  For example, if a spider loses one of its legs, it has the wherewithal to regenerate a new leg!   The spider not only perseveres but the creature's body is extraordinarily built to thrive -- even after significant loss -- all because of regeneration!

Similar to the spider, our church is a living and breathing organism with opportunities to regenerate.  At our best, we envision ourselves as a church that not only survives, but actually thrives with dynamic growth in Edinburgh, its surrounding cities, and all of Scotland.  We aspire to regenerate life in community!  In order to regenerate we choose to focus on four primary areas:


We aspire to regenerate life.  This means we spread the life-giving good news of Jesus.  The more our culture imitates Jesus, the more life Jesus will regenerate in our culture.  (Matthew 28:18-20; Acts 2:38-39)


We reflect the light of Jesus to regenerate his 'upside down' community ethos.  This means we strive to live the principles of the Sermon on the Mount together in practical, relevant, and stunning ways.  (Matthew 5-7)


We seek to grow a multi-generational Scottish church in Edinburgh.  In concert with our international city, our church also celebrates our international heritage and the sending out of men and women to regenerate life worldwide.  (Zechariah 8:4-6, 20-23; John 12:24; 15:1-2)


Jesus re-defines greatness and leadership in terms of service.  We empower men and women to discover their unique work for God in order to serve others and regenerate more leaders for his service.  (Mark 10:41-45; Ephesians 2:10; 4:7-16)